Saturday, 28 November 2009

4th post of the day!!whats going on??!!!

So I've just realized that it's less than a month till Xmas & I'm scared!!

I have no clue whatsoever on what to buy anyone!!!& I don't have very much money-Damn me spending loads when I got excited when my new bank card turned up in the post....

I managed to blow £70 on things-but this included pre-ordering Harry Potter 6, Mighty Boosh Live 2 Special Edition-with top trumps & belt buckle, a Merlottes Bar & Grill Tshirt & a couple of lil Xmas presents for Rich (Ok that was a couple of Xmas presents-but I still have loads to go!)
I always struggle buying things for my parents & Fallan, last year was easy-I used my staff discount & got my dad this posh cafetiere & loads of my free bags of coffee. Cant do that this year!

I thought that was bad-then I managed to blow £72 in Topshop-bad me, but I got the prettiest Bird top ever


& also this shirt which I have wanted for ages

Here (obviously not the maternity one, I couldn't find it anywhere else on the website!)

& this plain black vest to wear under many things

I was planning on being good after that....but then I saw a parka in Debenhams & had to have it!!


I miss my Mom so I'm hoping she will visit soon-she said she will take me with her to go Xmas shopping-I'm trying to persuade her to go to Bristol-not just for the amazing Hot Chocolate from Hotel Chocolate (Nom) or Wagamamas.

Speaking of Wagamamas, I have an obsession with noodle Soup, especially the Chicken Ramen.
If I had to choose a meal to live off for the rest of my life it would have to be that!!!

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