Tuesday, 27 October 2009

heyy heyyy

I havn't wrote for a while-
yey tt's all lovely & shiny & working (it broke just before I went on holiday, the screen wouldnt turn on :s) & I didn't have to pay anything either, BRUCEY BONUS!

So recently:
Last Friday my mommy & my 2 aunts came up to visit which was nice because I dont get to see them very often, as they live in Birmingham & I'm in Chelenham & I dont often get the same days off as they do.
I got a cute dress/top for my Graduation which is next month so I dont have to worry about that next month.
I got a bonus & a payrise from work which is very useful seeing that it's almost xmas! We start xmas food & drinks next weds......Im going to be sick of xmas music by the time it gets here!

I won a £20 voucher for being the best worker for the quarter weyyyyy (I'm planning on buying Lost season 5)

I'm addicted to the Southern Vampire Mysteries-Finished book 4 this morning & started reading what I thought was the next....got a few chapters in & thought I didnt remember some things happening, then I realized it was the wrong bloody book!! DOH

I have a day off tomorrow :D going to meet up with Claire, Kirsty & Chloe =]
My Halloween costume came the other day, its a bit small :s but Im planning on squashing myself into it!!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I'm Back

Did you miss me??!!! I doubt it, but here are a few updates with what I have been up to recently!

The last week I have been in Majorca & it was lovely!! Not too keen on being back, jumping from 30 degrees to under 20 is a bit of a shock to the system!!

So the flight there-was delayed but only by an hour or so, as we were landing into Palma I got really bad pains in my head from the pressure-felt like my eyebrows were being sliced off!
Now I know how Harry Potter felt when his scar burned!

When we got there we went out for dinner at this little shack by the beach-I kept throwing up though which wasnt good =[ I was so hungry I was sick!!
went in the apartment hotel pool which was so cold but the sun warmed me up after.

Day 2- we visited this beach at Formentor which was lush!!! You could see all the fishys in the sea =]

Weds- we went to the market in old town Alcudia & walked along the walls, it was too hot though so we had to come down for a drink & lemon mirringue pie (which was soooo good), then we ventured on to Port Da Alcudia which was a bit more touristy & Chavvy :s
Everything in Majorca is so expensive so I didnt buy much, a bag of sweets cost 4.60 euros which is roughly about £5....... even a pot noodle cost 2.60 :/

Went for a bike ride into town & it poured with rain for about 10 mins, was like a crazy monsoon!!

On friday we went to Palma & Palma aquarium which was amazing!!!!

Spent most of the holiday on the beach & wandering around eating ice creams =]

since i've come back-i have to work 8 days straight till I can have a day off =[

I've also decided that I'm not being freddy kruger for halloween anymore but a zombie marie antoinette.

thats all for now

Friday, 2 October 2009


I havn't blogged for a few days have I?!
Not really much has happened-been doing some killer shifts at work, yesterday I did 7:30-11:30 then I had to go back & do 1:30-7:30. It wasn't a fun day, started off with me being sick in the sink :s
but I think it was because I was hungry & hadnt eaten.
I started to pack for holiday yesterday eve =] cant wait till monday!!

Now on the Brisingr? book now so I'm gonna start a little bit then leave the rest for my hol. Was gonna take the Southern Vampire Mysteries book 1 but I dont think I'l be relaxing enough to read!!!

Going to Birmingham today with Frannie so see All Time Low, hehe I like cheesy emo pop still :p Don't mock.
Might be meeting up with Mommy hehe so I may have to go to TK Maxx & buy lots of halloweeney goodies & get her to take them home for me instead of lugging them about at the gig.

Post later