Thursday, 24 September 2009

another dream?

I don't know much about cheese dreams, but I had a marmite sandwich then had a nap & I now I've woken up I think it has to be one of my weirdest ones yet.

Ok so basically, I was a lesbian with short brown hair & my girlfriend (yes I had one) told me to download all the Imogen Heap albums, so as I went to do so, I found all these coins under this chest of drawers & I had to hoover up all these spiders to get them out.
Then I turned back into my normal self & went to this Gig where Greenday played with The Horrorpops. Me & Kate's ex-boyfriend were fighting over who got to go at the front & then one of the guitarists invited me up on stage to sing with them, then Patricia told me to play double bass with her then it turned into one of those silver tin lunchboxes which made us fly......
So we flew to London because it was the tattoo convention & I spotted Samboy (yes you Samboy :p) so we swooped down to talk to her, but she had to go because she wanted to look in a soap shop over the road.....

& then I woke up.

And I'm rather peed off because the idiots upstairs have run a bath & let it overflow so there is water dripping down the bedroom wall & I'm scared the ceiling is going to collapse while I'm asleep.
They have done it before but this was before we moved in here & there is a mahoosive crack on the ceiling because of it....

yawn yawn

I've finished work early today but I have nothing to do!! =[
I'm undecided on a film to watch, but I think I may read some more of my book.
Yesterday I went to see that Dorian Gray film & it was pretty good although I was probably the only person in the whole cinema hiding at certain point throughout it!
I've read the book which I liked & from seeing the trailer beforehand it looked a bit creepy.....
I'm such a wuss & it kept making me jump when the wheezy breathy noise came on when bits of the pic was shown
Lame yes I know but I'm not afraid to admit I'm a scaredy cat!

Cleaned out Milton the other night & tried to tame him a bit more-managed to pick him up briefly but then he jumped out my hand & I had a panic when he landed on the carpet. Hope he never escapes because If he fell down the gap where the stairs are then it's bye bye Milton =[

I wish more of my mates lived around or were closer to Cheltenham =[ it gets lonely here now because everyone's moved away or is moving away. As much as I love this place, I wish there were more people to be friendly with!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Oh & Strange Dream!

I forgot but I had the weird'est dream ever last night.
I cant remember all of it but it involved going round Fal's (best mate) boyfriend's house where his family were packing things for a holiday.
I am walking outside to get into a car & I see this kid suddenly get attacked but a pterodactyl & he has to go to hospital. Then its all breaking news that the dinosaurs are still alive & I join a dinosaur hunting crew.

can anyone interpret that one?

So Adventure?

As for my adventure yesterday??
It wasn't much of one- how did I know I'd end up doing nothing =[
we just ended up going to Cardiff in the eve for Rich's gig & now I'm super tired because I didnt go to sleep till about half 1.
I know thats not mega late but I feel like I cant cope unless I have at least 8 hours sleep these days!
Hence why I never go out anymore.
Today I have to go to the docs (eep) & then I shall be seeing Katieface to watch films & eat sweets

So hopefully it will be an ok day-then back to work tomorrow....

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Ok, so I keep coming across people who are obsessed with Twilight & critics who keep labelling it as the "new Harry Potter". It's really annoying me now because Twilight is just the same kind of story as Romeo & Juliet.
I read the books just to see if they were as everyone kept raving about.... & they were so dull I'd rather have watched paint dry.
I came across this article it just explains everything I think Twi-shite is (not gramatically correct but i'm ranting)

The Characters Start Shallow…And Stay That Way.

The entire book centers on the development of Bella and Edward's teenage relationship and progresses with just about as much excitement as a pall bearers convention. For more than four hundred pages, Bella and Edward dance around each other in the same tired pattern. There’s no danger, no intrigue, no excitement.

Their relationship is dull and lifeless, even though it is the focal point of the story, and holds very little weight. Their love for each other is very superficial. Never once do they have a conversation that stretches beyond their desire for each other and they never acknowledge that they have nothing in common beyond lust.

Edward, the hero -- whom the audience is supposed to fall head over heels in love with--is downright mean and rude to the heroine, yet she takes whatever he dishes out, because he’s beautiful. When Bella is faced with him, rather than calling him on any of his nasty behavior, she internally admires his handsomeness; when he’s gone, she misses him desperately, even though he treats her like garbage for a great percentage of the book.

Bella, the heroine, our window to this world that Meyer has created, is a character that’s hard to empathize with. She’s a shell. There is virtually no personality to be found within her. Her two defining character traits are that she’s clumsy and she’s in love with Edward. That’s it. She seemingly exists to worship Edward Cullen and she has no life outside of her obsession with him. This is far from being a positive message for the teenage girls who eat this series up like it’s a literary confection.

The characters are monotonous. Every detail of Bella’s life, from showers taken to dishes washed, is detailed, but does nothing to progress the story. The book takes breaks between what little action there is to give us, in essence, weather reports.

The language that Meyer uses is just as tired as her characters. Repetition of the same words and phrases is so prevalent that it’s noticeable. Characters are ‘irritated’ with each other more often than not; they ‘growl’ at each other or ‘sneer’. When reading, one begins to wonder whether or not Meyer has ever seen the inside of a thesaurus.

Adding insult to injury, the dialogue is stilted, unnatural and downright boring. Not once is there a sarcastic, cutting remark that makes you wince or joke that makes you smile, it’s all one, long drone.

Twilight had a great deal of potential. Bella, the weak willed, obsessive teenage girl, could have spread her wings and grown beyond her original characterization, maturing and growing a spine, challenging her lot in life, challenging the man she obsessed over for so long; instead, she is exactly the same at the end of the book as she is at the beginning. Edward, who could've easily been forced to learn humility through some extraordinary experience--perhaps even just through his love for Bella--instead lives on, unchanged, as the perfect, unimpeachable male that every woman in the story's universe should strive to have.

Instead of showing the audience that growth is a good thing, Twilight embraces stagnation, and though the narrative picks up exponentially halfway through, you still have to struggle through the first two hundred and fifty pages before anything interesting happens.


Vampires are meant to be exciting not some push-overs who act like humans!

If its all about vampires these days, try reading something good like Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire), 30 Days of Night, Charliane Harris or the origional, Dracula. Darren Shan books are amazing, but I found out there is a film version out soon & it looks so bad =[ they guy from Stepbrothers is playing Mr Crepsley & he is so wrong for the part!!!


I'm rather excited about having 2 days off in a row!! Sounds rather lame but because I have to work irregular shifts I feel like I never have a break sometimes.
I have no idea what to do & I hope it wont get wasted just laying about the house. Although I like doing this sometimes I just feel like I've wasted the day away!

Hopefully it will be an adventure day!

(I will post tomorrow to let you know haha)

I finally decided to delete the stupid Farmville game off my facebook because it was becoming an unhealthy obsession-Farmville being like Harvest Moon.
I dont understand how growing sunflowers can become addictive?!

I finished the new Dan Brown book about 10 mins ago- It was pretty exciting but then it kind of just ended. Slightly disappointing after all that rushing about.

Started to watch the Mighty Boosh again last night & I still love it, although I thought series 3 was a major let down apart from a couple of episodes. I still love noel & Julian even though they seem to have got to big for their boots these days. Touring America?! I dont know if they will ever understand our type of humour!

I just looked up & I've located the knocked down spider again :s hopefully I will catch it soon. I keep imagining it crawling over me when I'm sleeping.

Friday, 18 September 2009


not such a fun day today =[
had to be in work for 6:30 so I'm all sleepyfide now.
Today was rent day as well & Rich is low on cash so I had to pay part of his rent so I'm double poor now.
No more going to convention next weekend-probably a good thing because I'd see so many pretty things I cant afford =[

On the plus side today, I got an awesome stripey jumper from Primark for my Halloween costume (a bit early I know) but usually when I want to find a costume I leave it last minute & everything has gone. Im gonna be Freddy Kruger! but a girly version-just need a trilby? hat & a glove thingy-il have a lookski on ebay

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

no I didn't get the Hammer Horror boxset today =[ water bill came in the post- £114 & that & rent & saving for holiday pennies isnt fun.
There is a massive spider in my room........I asked Rich to get rid of it but he wouldn't so I took matters into my own account & went to squash it (it was right on the ceiling over my side of the bed!) and as I went to squash fell down & now its somewhere lurking under the bed & I'm scared to go to sleep!!!

So far into the new Dan Brown book.....its pretty good-although he uses all those confusing scholarly words & I'm not really taking in all the scientific bits & bobs, I dont think it matters though?!


Day off :D
plan is to meet Jade, Sooz & Megan outside work then come back to mine & watch cheesey films hehe
I want to buy the Hammer Horror collection-it's in Rise for £40- but thats for like 21 discs with 6 films on each???or something along those lines. I dont know whether or not to get it today may be bought by someone else & I only saw the one.

I bought the new Dan Brown book yesterday! starting to read it now-hopefully its as good as Angels & Demons.

Also im may be going to the London Tattoo Convention on the Sunday now-got my rota from work yesterday & I can goooo-depending on if I have the money. Friday is rent day =[

Ruth my boss was really nice to me yesterday & I have no idea why!!!! She has given me sunday & monday off & a short shift next sat & the sun off as well!

I miss Fal loads, she's going back to Leeds for uni on saturday & I have only seen her once this's not like Chelt is miles away from Bromsgrove-so feeling a bit meh about that.
Although she did ask if I could go to some club on friday night but I dont think I can because of work. So no idea when I will see her next =[

I really want to see 9, Dorian Gray & the Time Travelers wife but I havnt been to the cinema since Harry Potter came out. It's way too expensive! May just have to download them or stream them from somewhere.

I dont really understand how this blog thing works- its all confuzzling & I want pretty pictures for my background but I dont know where to change it.
I dont even know if anyone will read these or how you get friends lol

oh well
this can be a nonsense blog that noone will read.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So first blog eh??
whats going on today? Well I have work suprise suprise!
Kinda wish I could work in Lush or somewhere similar where I would come out smelling all pretty unlike Starbucks where I smell like hot milk & grossness =[

I ordered the 1st book of the Sookie Stackhouse series yesterday, after being hooked on True Blood. Wanna see how the two compare! Heard good stuff about these books!
Bit in love with Eric Northman <3

speaking of which I never knew Alex Skarsgard was in Lady Gaga's Paparazzi video??!!

Me & Tic from work decided yesterday that we will go see Lady Gaga-such a legend!
was watching her acoustic? videos of paparazzi & pokerface on youtube & they are amazing!

see for yourself!

Actually better than the origionals!

Enough of Gaga, watched a bit of the VMA's yesterday & how much of a pratt is Kanye West??!! LOL

oooooooohhhhh Im excited to go on hol in a few weeks!
Booked a holiday to Majorca for a week with Rich & the 'rents... should be fun!hopefully no cockroaches ICKKK
I just need a suitcase!
I saw this amazing cherry print one in that Global shop but it was a bit big =[ so I went to gander on ebay but nothing =[ only suitcase sets which were really expensive!

Anyway, I think il finish up on this blog for now!