Thursday, 18 February 2010


It's been a while!
I forgot my password doh!
I got one of those formspring things??whatever it may be-im still trying to work it out!!

Saturday, 5 December 2009


I have been a bit slack!
I've been a bit too obsessed with my new toy =]
i love my iphone!!woopwoop
I should see if they have a blog application then I can post on the go!
Just finished work so me & Rich are heading to town to buy some xmas decorations to decorate the lil house with =]


Pics later

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


dont get in a big canoe & row on down.....
I almost got a phone I didn't want!!

Pushy salesmen & gullible, pushover me do not mix very well at all.

Was just gandering about looking at phones because I'm due for an upgrade, when arghhh
"hey, come sit over here, I'l see what deals I can get you".

So as the guy was precessing the Nokia N97 through the computer, fate took pity on me & crashed his computer.
I also told him that I didn't want the phone so he attempted to cancel it & try again with a different phone.
Crashed again!!!

So out I escape & run back home & get Rich to phone up orange for me because I'm a chicken, to sort out wether or not I have messed up my contract.

Nope I havn't!!! YEY YEY

So tomorrow I'm going to the Orange shop (No Im not going back to Phones4U at 4pm like the guy told me to) & I am getting myself an iphone!!!


I decided against the HTC hero in the end because it is more expensive than the iphone (surprisingly) & even though it's android & has free apps (I know nothing about phones but thanks to geeky Rich, I know about Android phones) iphones still end up being the better & they also have Harry Potter & Monkey Island apps


Monday, 30 November 2009

Flash Forward

Ok so I have finally gotten round to watching this programme-heard about it off my mate Kate ages ago & it sounded quite good, but I kept putting it off to watch.

I started watching it online a few weeks ago but my connection died so kinda gave up.

I started watching it again today & it's pretty awesome!!

Although Joseph Fiennes isnt Ralph Fiennes, he keeps making me think of Voldemort.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

4th post of the day!!whats going on??!!!

So I've just realized that it's less than a month till Xmas & I'm scared!!

I have no clue whatsoever on what to buy anyone!!!& I don't have very much money-Damn me spending loads when I got excited when my new bank card turned up in the post....

I managed to blow £70 on things-but this included pre-ordering Harry Potter 6, Mighty Boosh Live 2 Special Edition-with top trumps & belt buckle, a Merlottes Bar & Grill Tshirt & a couple of lil Xmas presents for Rich (Ok that was a couple of Xmas presents-but I still have loads to go!)
I always struggle buying things for my parents & Fallan, last year was easy-I used my staff discount & got my dad this posh cafetiere & loads of my free bags of coffee. Cant do that this year!

I thought that was bad-then I managed to blow £72 in Topshop-bad me, but I got the prettiest Bird top ever


& also this shirt which I have wanted for ages

Here (obviously not the maternity one, I couldn't find it anywhere else on the website!)

& this plain black vest to wear under many things

I was planning on being good after that....but then I saw a parka in Debenhams & had to have it!!


I miss my Mom so I'm hoping she will visit soon-she said she will take me with her to go Xmas shopping-I'm trying to persuade her to go to Bristol-not just for the amazing Hot Chocolate from Hotel Chocolate (Nom) or Wagamamas.

Speaking of Wagamamas, I have an obsession with noodle Soup, especially the Chicken Ramen.
If I had to choose a meal to live off for the rest of my life it would have to be that!!!

Graduation Day

Also waiting for Charlie to upload her pics =]

Halloween Pics

Not very many I know, Fran has alot on her camera so Im waiting till she puts them up then I can steal them!