Tuesday, 1 December 2009


dont get in a big canoe & row on down.....
I almost got a phone I didn't want!!

Pushy salesmen & gullible, pushover me do not mix very well at all.

Was just gandering about looking at phones because I'm due for an upgrade, when arghhh
"hey, come sit over here, I'l see what deals I can get you".

So as the guy was precessing the Nokia N97 through the computer, fate took pity on me & crashed his computer.
I also told him that I didn't want the phone so he attempted to cancel it & try again with a different phone.
Crashed again!!!

So out I escape & run back home & get Rich to phone up orange for me because I'm a chicken, to sort out wether or not I have messed up my contract.

Nope I havn't!!! YEY YEY

So tomorrow I'm going to the Orange shop (No Im not going back to Phones4U at 4pm like the guy told me to) & I am getting myself an iphone!!!


I decided against the HTC hero in the end because it is more expensive than the iphone (surprisingly) & even though it's android & has free apps (I know nothing about phones but thanks to geeky Rich, I know about Android phones) iphones still end up being the better & they also have Harry Potter & Monkey Island apps


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