Friday, 2 October 2009


I havn't blogged for a few days have I?!
Not really much has happened-been doing some killer shifts at work, yesterday I did 7:30-11:30 then I had to go back & do 1:30-7:30. It wasn't a fun day, started off with me being sick in the sink :s
but I think it was because I was hungry & hadnt eaten.
I started to pack for holiday yesterday eve =] cant wait till monday!!

Now on the Brisingr? book now so I'm gonna start a little bit then leave the rest for my hol. Was gonna take the Southern Vampire Mysteries book 1 but I dont think I'l be relaxing enough to read!!!

Going to Birmingham today with Frannie so see All Time Low, hehe I like cheesy emo pop still :p Don't mock.
Might be meeting up with Mommy hehe so I may have to go to TK Maxx & buy lots of halloweeney goodies & get her to take them home for me instead of lugging them about at the gig.

Post later

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