Thursday, 24 September 2009

another dream?

I don't know much about cheese dreams, but I had a marmite sandwich then had a nap & I now I've woken up I think it has to be one of my weirdest ones yet.

Ok so basically, I was a lesbian with short brown hair & my girlfriend (yes I had one) told me to download all the Imogen Heap albums, so as I went to do so, I found all these coins under this chest of drawers & I had to hoover up all these spiders to get them out.
Then I turned back into my normal self & went to this Gig where Greenday played with The Horrorpops. Me & Kate's ex-boyfriend were fighting over who got to go at the front & then one of the guitarists invited me up on stage to sing with them, then Patricia told me to play double bass with her then it turned into one of those silver tin lunchboxes which made us fly......
So we flew to London because it was the tattoo convention & I spotted Samboy (yes you Samboy :p) so we swooped down to talk to her, but she had to go because she wanted to look in a soap shop over the road.....

& then I woke up.

And I'm rather peed off because the idiots upstairs have run a bath & let it overflow so there is water dripping down the bedroom wall & I'm scared the ceiling is going to collapse while I'm asleep.
They have done it before but this was before we moved in here & there is a mahoosive crack on the ceiling because of it....

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