Saturday, 19 September 2009


I'm rather excited about having 2 days off in a row!! Sounds rather lame but because I have to work irregular shifts I feel like I never have a break sometimes.
I have no idea what to do & I hope it wont get wasted just laying about the house. Although I like doing this sometimes I just feel like I've wasted the day away!

Hopefully it will be an adventure day!

(I will post tomorrow to let you know haha)

I finally decided to delete the stupid Farmville game off my facebook because it was becoming an unhealthy obsession-Farmville being like Harvest Moon.
I dont understand how growing sunflowers can become addictive?!

I finished the new Dan Brown book about 10 mins ago- It was pretty exciting but then it kind of just ended. Slightly disappointing after all that rushing about.

Started to watch the Mighty Boosh again last night & I still love it, although I thought series 3 was a major let down apart from a couple of episodes. I still love noel & Julian even though they seem to have got to big for their boots these days. Touring America?! I dont know if they will ever understand our type of humour!

I just looked up & I've located the knocked down spider again :s hopefully I will catch it soon. I keep imagining it crawling over me when I'm sleeping.

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