Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Day off :D
plan is to meet Jade, Sooz & Megan outside work then come back to mine & watch cheesey films hehe
I want to buy the Hammer Horror collection-it's in Rise for £40- but thats for like 21 discs with 6 films on each???or something along those lines. I dont know whether or not to get it today may be bought by someone else & I only saw the one.

I bought the new Dan Brown book yesterday! starting to read it now-hopefully its as good as Angels & Demons.

Also im may be going to the London Tattoo Convention on the Sunday now-got my rota from work yesterday & I can goooo-depending on if I have the money. Friday is rent day =[

Ruth my boss was really nice to me yesterday & I have no idea why!!!! She has given me sunday & monday off & a short shift next sat & the sun off as well!

I miss Fal loads, she's going back to Leeds for uni on saturday & I have only seen her once this's not like Chelt is miles away from Bromsgrove-so feeling a bit meh about that.
Although she did ask if I could go to some club on friday night but I dont think I can because of work. So no idea when I will see her next =[

I really want to see 9, Dorian Gray & the Time Travelers wife but I havnt been to the cinema since Harry Potter came out. It's way too expensive! May just have to download them or stream them from somewhere.

I dont really understand how this blog thing works- its all confuzzling & I want pretty pictures for my background but I dont know where to change it.
I dont even know if anyone will read these or how you get friends lol

oh well
this can be a nonsense blog that noone will read.

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  1. I'll be reading! Even of you have no followers, its nice to just get stuff written down sometimes!

    Be super nice if I see you in the convention next week!