Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So first blog eh??
whats going on today? Well I have work suprise suprise!
Kinda wish I could work in Lush or somewhere similar where I would come out smelling all pretty unlike Starbucks where I smell like hot milk & grossness =[

I ordered the 1st book of the Sookie Stackhouse series yesterday, after being hooked on True Blood. Wanna see how the two compare! Heard good stuff about these books!
Bit in love with Eric Northman <3

speaking of which I never knew Alex Skarsgard was in Lady Gaga's Paparazzi video??!!

Me & Tic from work decided yesterday that we will go see Lady Gaga-such a legend!
was watching her acoustic? videos of paparazzi & pokerface on youtube & they are amazing!

see for yourself!

Actually better than the origionals!

Enough of Gaga, watched a bit of the VMA's yesterday & how much of a pratt is Kanye West??!! LOL

oooooooohhhhh Im excited to go on hol in a few weeks!
Booked a holiday to Majorca for a week with Rich & the 'rents... should be fun!hopefully no cockroaches ICKKK
I just need a suitcase!
I saw this amazing cherry print one in that Global shop but it was a bit big =[ so I went to gander on ebay but nothing =[ only suitcase sets which were really expensive!

Anyway, I think il finish up on this blog for now!

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