Friday, 18 September 2009


not such a fun day today =[
had to be in work for 6:30 so I'm all sleepyfide now.
Today was rent day as well & Rich is low on cash so I had to pay part of his rent so I'm double poor now.
No more going to convention next weekend-probably a good thing because I'd see so many pretty things I cant afford =[

On the plus side today, I got an awesome stripey jumper from Primark for my Halloween costume (a bit early I know) but usually when I want to find a costume I leave it last minute & everything has gone. Im gonna be Freddy Kruger! but a girly version-just need a trilby? hat & a glove thingy-il have a lookski on ebay


  1. This might be a stupid question and you may of mentioned it in a previous blog entry but out of curiosity what convention do you go to?

  2. awww luce, shame i wont get to see you there :(

    a mini freddy will be sooo cute! you know how i love him so! xxx

  3. Hey Sheryl =] nice to see a few people reading my ramblings!
    I was gonna go to the London Tattoo convention but I cant afford to now =[ I'm planning on going next year now or some other conventions.