Thursday, 24 September 2009

yawn yawn

I've finished work early today but I have nothing to do!! =[
I'm undecided on a film to watch, but I think I may read some more of my book.
Yesterday I went to see that Dorian Gray film & it was pretty good although I was probably the only person in the whole cinema hiding at certain point throughout it!
I've read the book which I liked & from seeing the trailer beforehand it looked a bit creepy.....
I'm such a wuss & it kept making me jump when the wheezy breathy noise came on when bits of the pic was shown
Lame yes I know but I'm not afraid to admit I'm a scaredy cat!

Cleaned out Milton the other night & tried to tame him a bit more-managed to pick him up briefly but then he jumped out my hand & I had a panic when he landed on the carpet. Hope he never escapes because If he fell down the gap where the stairs are then it's bye bye Milton =[

I wish more of my mates lived around or were closer to Cheltenham =[ it gets lonely here now because everyone's moved away or is moving away. As much as I love this place, I wish there were more people to be friendly with!

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